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Capturing the Sight, Smell & Taste of Asian Street Food

Welcome to Red StiX


Welcome to

Red Stix Street Food

at Legacy Hall

Red Stix beautifully captures the sight, smell and taste of Asian street food; it’s a culmination of Chef Uno’s childhood memories and travels. Each hand-crafted bowl or sandwich is finished with a yakitori stick.

The sticks are threaded with morsels of chicken, pork, or steak and grilled over binchotan charcoal. We grab a handfull of sticks, submerge them in an umami rich, silky marinade, and then put them straight onto the grill. Our grillmasters vigorously fan them until the coals hiss, flames spark, smoke puffs and the meat quickly cooks to a juicy, charred perfection. The sticks are nestled on top of rice/noodle/salad bowl or sandwich that our guests have curated with layers of fresh vegetables, pickled daikons, and herbs.

Red Stix Asian Street Bowl

Red Stix Asian Street Sandwich




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If you are looking for authentic Asian street food, Red Stix is your destination. Our menu choices are simple, but the presentation and flavors are sure to satisfy!

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About Chef Uno

The Woman Behind it All



Uno Immanivong has a 16-year career in financial services working for Fortune 100 and 500 institutions (Citibank and Wells Fargo). Among her achievements, she lists opening a financial services call center in Tampa, helping develop a service enhancement software for new starters, training a call center team of India, upskilling over 1,000 Representatives world-wide and leading up to 9 direct reports.

In 2013, Uno left banking to pursue her passion for cooking. Today Uno is the Chef and Owner of the hugely popular, Chino Chinatown in Trinity Groves and Red Stix in Legacy Hall.

In addition to managing the restaurant operations and managing all financial matters, Uno has made numberous television appearances (ABC, EyeOpener TV, Fox, NBC), and promotes and endorses various food brands. Uno is a professional of integrity and strong customer-centric approach.

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Chef Uno Immanivong